Skinkist Handcrafted Soap, LLC

If you are discovering handcrafted or homemade soaps for the first time, be prepared for your skin to fall in love.

At Skinkist we take the time to make our soap in small batches using the cold processed method. Our soap is truly made from scratch from reputably sourced raw materials. It is not a pre-made melt and pour soap base. We carefully measure and blend food-quality plant-based oils and butters and sodium hydroxide (lye) which reacts to form soap. Essential oils, phthalate- and paraben-free fragrance oils, botanicals, and cosmetic grade colorants are added in skin-safe quantities. The soap is cut by hand and is left to cure like a fine wine or cheese, resulting in a gentle, handmade soap that is rich in natural, skin-loving glycerin.

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